My "I'm being blinded by sunlight and it's also really fucking cold" face
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It took me 10 minutes just to figure out how to embed that ^ picture in this post. Just sayin'.

Maybe my inability to perform such a simple task has to do with the fact that I have yet to recover from my trip. I think I'm still on New York time. It's probably a sign that I should be there, instead of back at school. That's definitely it.

My first day back from Spring Break, one of my friends asked me, "so did you basically just eat a lot on your trip?"

At first, I was kind of offended. My mental reaction went something like this:  "I mean, I walked a lot, OKAY?!! The health app on my phone said I was walking about 7.5 miles a day...Is she calling me fat? I'm working on it okay?!! I'm working on it!!!"

...And then I remembered the Snapstories I posted each day, and I remembered how those Snapstories consisted of 100 seconds of all the food I consumed each day. So it probably DID look like all I did was eat. I mean, that was pretty much all I did. Yeah, she was right.

Yes, I did eat a lot of awesome food while I was in New York. No ragrets. I enjoyed every damn bite.

See this delicious looking pizza you wish you could eat right now? That shit was awesome.


represents everything pizza should be. Located in a graffitied nook of Brooklyn, the famed pizza spot is packed from the get-go. No worries, though! In addition to their main indoor dining area, they also have two tented areas with first come, first serve seating. Enjoy some drinks while waiting for a table inside, or start chowing down in the Tiki Room (that's where I was).

Now we get into the pizza. I don't know why I always decide to write blog posts at like midnight, because it's when I'm the hungriest, and I always have to recount really delicious meals to you guys. I love writing about fashion and food, and sharing my favorite foodie spots with anyone who's reading this, but I'm just so hungry now...

I'll just get to the point already. I'm sorry.

We ordered the Romaine, a caesar-inspired dish served with candied walnuts. I especially loved the addition of mint to the traditional caesar dressing, which was way better than I expected it to be. Mint??!!! In caesar salad dressing??!!!! Sounds totally disgusting, but it was amazing. I'm going to make my caesar salad with mint from now on.

We also split a "Fantastic Original" (I think that's what it's's not on the menu, but it's like a traditional cheese pizza with mozzarella and one other cheese I've never heard of, and it was amazing), with mushrooms, roasted red pepper, and an egg, added. INSANELY GOOD. HEAVEN IN MY MOUTH. PILLOWY, YET THIN CRUST. Do you sense my enthusiasm, or should I go on? I'll go on anyway. The egg was perfectly runny and was just like a sauce all on its own - but wait - now it's mixing with the most delicious marinara sauce of all time??? A perfect marriage is what this was. You could make the trip to Brooklyn JUST to eat this pizza, and it would be worth it.

After Roberta's, we headed toward Bedford to check out

Mast Brother's Chocolate

. The second I stepped in, I was completely overwhelmed by the most delicious smell I have ever smelled in my entire life. It was like stepping into a vat of the best chocolate ever, but without all the weird and gross things that that would actually entail. Forgive me for my awful imagery. It's late. I'm jetlagged.

Bonus pic of me looking like a stereotypical Asian tourist in front of Mast Brothers. It's my Japanese side shining, what can I say...

Just to give you a sense of when each of these things happened within Day 2 of my trip...

wow this is going to sound really bad...

let's just say that within 3 hours of leaving the house, we were already at our third food spot,

Matcha Bar


I discovered Matcha Bar via Instagram soon after it opened and immediately added it to the top of my NY list of places to eat. I LOVE matcha. Traditionally served hot, without any sweetener whatsoever, matcha is quite bitter. In the states, it's never served in this traditional way, but rather, it's scooped (very sparingly) into frappuccinos and lattes. At that point, the matcha is pretty much rendered irrelevant, overpowered by tons of flavored syrup. Matcha Bar has made it it's mission to serve matcha in ways that pay homage to its origins. Their menu includes traditional matcha drinks (unsweetened), as well as other more subtle drinks for those who are unused to the flavor.

Faced with the impossible decision of picking just one drink, I ended up picking two - the matcha hot cocoa, and the cold matcha with fuji apple juice and ginger.

*"Best of Both Worlds" by Hannah Montana plays in the background*

Insanely good. The drinks were both very different, the cocoa more chocolate-y than matcha-y, while the iced matcha was much more traditional, sweetened only naturally with fuji apple juice and a kick of ginger. Does the fact that I drank the iced matcha count as doing a juice cleanse? It's like I didn't even eat pizza for brunch, because I drank iced matcha afterward. Right?

Sound logic, amirite?

After we each had two matcha drinks (my cousin ordered a traditional hot matcha, then a matcha chai latte), we explored some stores before making our way toward Brooklyn Bridge park. Evidence=that overexposed, super touristy pic of me in the alley with the Bridge in the background. 

MORE FOOD. It was Shake Shack, okay? It had to be done. I didn't even have a choice about going, really. Let me just say, their 'shroom burger could convince every meat-lover in this world, including Ron Swanson (so maybe that's a bit of a stretch...), that veggie burgers aren't disgusting.

I tried to take a day-long break from posting pictures from New York. Obviously, that didn't happen...
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Shirt - Levis


Jeans - Madewell


Beanie - Mary Meyer


Crossbody Bag - Kate Spade

| Shoes - Converse

I need to stop writing this post now because my stomach is growling and I'm getting dangerously close to ordering a large pizza (any size pizza is a personal pizza if you just believe).