You never know how edgy an all-white outfit really is...until you try to wear one.

You know those times when you decide to wear a single article of white clothing and consequently spend the rest of the day worrying about spilling crumbs, coffee, tomato sauce etc. etc. etc. onto that item?

Well imagine that fear, magnified to the level of an outfit with


 white clothing items.

Yup. It would be petrifying.

I've never worn an all-white outfit, myself, but I'm ready to try. And these Polyvore sets I created definitely gave me some inspiration.

The first would be great for a Spring lunch date. I like the idea of mixing textures for all-white outfits as a way to bring variety to the look. Here, chiffon lounge shorts contrast with a delicate, hand-beaded crop top.

The focus on this second look isn't so much on contrasting textures, but rather, contrasting styles. A cropped, lace-detail top and high-waisted slacks create a crisp, dressier foundation for the outfit. Dress it down with leather trainers (I'm obsessed with the Nike Air Force 1's) and a perforated messenger bag, for a sportier element.

I know the gem on the ring is grey, the nail polish is blue, and the frames on the sunnies are purple...so maybe this is a bit of a cheat, but I'm going to overlook that. After all, those accessories can easily be changed. You could do white almond-shaped acrylics, and an opal ring! Opal would actually be stunning, as the stone itself is mostly white, but there are flecks of color that reflect beautifully in the light.