I've always done well in school...until second semester of my first year at Berkeley. Let me tell you, it was rough. It really was.

All I'm going to say is, life happens. And there comes a time where you have to prioritize your health and happiness, even if it means taking a year off school.

Which brings me to this point: I'm taking a year of school. It's so weird to think that all of my friends will be a year ahead of me when I go back, and it's also really terrifying. I keep going back and forth between being completely confident in my decision to take time off, and freaking out and worrying about what this says about me as a person. Am I lazy? Will I ever be successful? I'm always going back and forth, but I know that at this point in my life, I have to focus on myself - my health and happiness. I can always go back to school. It's just a year., I have an entire life to do whatever. I mean, not


. I'm currently job-hunting (am I the only who hates questions like, "What is the theme song to your life?" Like I don't even know what that's asking!! Do they want to know what my favorite song is? Or do they want me to tell them a song that describes my life? Job applications are draining), and I'll hopefully be blogging a lot more than I have as of late (so sorry about that two-month absence...).

My pool's been under construction for the past year-ish, so naturally, I used it to shoot the pictures for this post. I never did much shopping while I was away at school, so when second semester ended, I had a huge list of things I wanted, including this amazing

denim button-up mini

from topshop. I'm a tad obsessed. I love the A-line cut, and the buttons up the front are super cute and elevate the denim mini's we're all familiar with to a trendier level. You know the ones...those suuuuper short skirts that are just really boxy and are usually worn with cowgirl costumes and stuff?

The weather in LA has been so odd lately. One day, it's 60 degrees and raining, and the next, it's a beautiful 75. I don't understand. I had actually planned  to shoot this look with a white cropped cami, but the day I planned to wear it, the projected high was 60, so to keep with the 90's theme of the denim skirt, I settled instead on my mom's vintage long-sleeve. This is the only item of clothing I can share with my mom, since she's about 5'4" and 90 lbs.... *sigh*

And obviously, I had to finish the look off with some high-top chucks. This look is definitely 90's all the way. I can't even remember the last time I wore a denim skirt, but I'm pretty glad about the giant comeback denim is making!

So go channel your inner 90's/early 00's childhood years! If only we could get those quality Disney shows back, too...

*moment of silence for "That's so Raven" and "Lizzie McGuire"*

Shirt - from my mom


Skirt - Topshop


Shoes - Converse