One of my first (if not THE first) blog posts was entitled "Schoolgirl Q." Fast forward one year later and I'm blogging about another back-to-school/fall-inspired look.

Here's the twist: this time, I'm not back at school. It's quite weird to see all my friends from high school and college enjoying game days and weekend social events, while I'm at home interning and babysitting. I'm not necessarily upset about it. Far from it - I'm happy I've taken the time to recharge. It's just a bit weird to not be back...

These past few weeks, I've been trying to get more on top of my blogging schedule. If I'm not at school, I might as well put as much effort as I can into the things I


doing (one of those things being blogging). So with this new goal in mind, I got in contact with my friend


(check out his photography from one of my past posts,


) to shoot some looks.

It's still in the mid-80's everyday, so it's a little...uncomfortable...trying to shoot fall looks right now. Naturally, I didn't go full-on "Fall." As much as I would have loved for this to be a post featuring a ribbed knit bodycon or staple camel coat, LA's fall weather is a tad too hot for that, hence the shorts and sleeveless knit (at least there's a knit, though, right?).

Justin and I headed into Downtown LA to scout a location for our shoot, and decided on a rooftop. Well...


decided on the rooftop, because I'm boring and predictable like that. I should really try to expand my location comfort zone to extend beyond the realm of white walls and parking garage rooftops, but hey, that's where we are right now.

Luckily for us, the rooftop level was deserted, and my minimalist side was happy. I feel like I went for the obvious here with the letterman jacket. What says "back to school" more than a letterman jacket??!! Cool story, though, this is my dad's high school letterman jacket, and it's so stereotypically "American High School" with its colors. I love it. It's just really damn uncomfortable to wear during the summer (gotta love a jacket that keeps you warm when it's hot, amirite?).

The sleeveless knit featured here is also one of my favorites - a piece I picked up while I was in Japan this past July/August. I've been wearing it at least once a week. Yes, I'm one of those -"OUTFIT REPEATER!!!" I don't care. It's perfect. It's sleevless. It has a cool half-turtleneck neckline. There are side slits. What more could you possibly want??

Another fall staple - shorts. Sorry, I mean an


fall staple. I feel very on-the-fence about these because they fit a little oddly and they make my ass look 50x bigger than it already is. But high-waisted is a plus.

But moving on: THE SHOES. I finally got them!! After stepping into countless shoe stores and facing constant disappointment, my search for the Adidas Original Stan Smith's was complete when I discovered them in my size on Asos. Of course, my brother went to the mall the next day and found them for $50 cheaper. Gotta love it.

Jacket - vintage (my dad) |

Top - Apart by Lowrys


Shorts - Zara

(now SUPER cheap) |

Adidas Originals - Asos

 (on sale!!)