This past March, I visited New York for Spring Break (who wants to go to Cabo, anyway...). During my trip, I discovered - and fell


 in love with -

The Apartment by the Line

in SoHo. Its beauty brought me to tears. No lie.

So, naturally, I was ecstatic to find out that they had created a West Coast counterpart located right on Melrose Place. If anyone ever feels the desire to buy me anything for my future apartment, just visit this glorious little setup and grab anything you see (did I mention that anything you see in the mock apartment is available for purchase). Cheers!

I would kill for the marble tables I saw there...

Wrap me in that vintage rug and bury me in that bathtub (along with all the

Le Labo

fragrances scattered throughout the different rooms of the apartment) when I die...

Ughh so much love for this place. If you're in either New York or Los Angeles you should check out "The Apartment" in your area! Make sure to leave your wallet at home (and possibly your iPhone, if you ever use Apple Pay) or else you'll end up buying a ton of home furnishings you really can't afford... sick is this photo my friend


took of me there??