I celebrated Norwegian Independence Day the other day. No, I am not Norwegian. But I have Norwegian neighbors, and they invited us over for waffles. I'm always up for waffles.

And these aren't your average American waffles that are slathered with butter and doused with syrup. Oh, no. I think I need to move to Norway, because they eat waffles on a regular basis - for dessert, for holidays, for breakfast and snacks...And they eat them with toppings including ice cream, sour cream and jam, cinnamon sugar and a signature item - brown cheese.


How fitting is it, then, that I wore this beautiful watch from Scandinavian-influenced brand Nicole Vienna, to the festivities? I've never been much of a jewelry/accessory person. I stick to the pairs of earrings, and nose ring, I wear on a daily basis, and that's pretty much it. This watch changes things.


I love this piece for its beautiful simplicity and versatility. The black marble dial is both minimal and luxurious, while the gold mesh strap adds a little something extra to the simplest of outfits.

Oh, and these flowers? I bought them to take over to the neighbors' house to thank them for inviting us, but I couldn't resist using them as a prop first. Does that make me a horrible person?

Find my watch here.




You know what feels really, really cool? Getting an email from one of your favorite brands asking you to help them promote a campaign.

Madewell has been one of my go-to brands for YEARS. Their high-quality denim is incredible and shines in their perfectly cut jeans. Paired with their updated basics, Madewell jeans are the secret to an effortlessly cool look.


This campaign is focused on theme of "Denim Rules to Dress By." When it comes to personal style, it's my belief that you should wear what you feel most comfortable in - that could mean something different for each person. That being said, my main point is that comfort is key.

So here's my denim rule to dress by: slightly distressed boyfriend cut denim, paired with the comfiest sandals you own and a cropped v-neck tee.


Simple, comfortable, classic. You can't go wrong.