In January, I decided I was going to spend Spring Break in New York. Not in Miami, skipping along the beach, raving all day and getting my tan on. Oh no. I was set on spending Spring Break - a time when most head to the warmest cities they know of to tan on the beach and get back some of the color they lost during the winter - in 30-40 degree weather.

And I couldn't be happier with this better decision.

After the most turbulent flight I've ever experienced (like I actually thought I was going to die, and I'm not at all a religious person, but I was DEFINITELY praying), I finally landed in New York, wearing clothes fit only for a California "winter," and sporting some awesome bags under my eyes.

Despite my lack of sleep, I was so excited to be in the city that I forgot all about the trauma of the flight and I was ready to begin exploring. We first headed to


for breakfast.

To all of you oatmeal haters out there - yeah, all of you who think oatmeal is just a pile of mush - this place will change your mind. With tons of flavor combinations and a build-your-own option, OatMeals promises to satisfy even the most adamant of oatmeal-haters.

I went with the Antioxidant Awakening, topped with dried pomegranate seeds, dark chocolate chips, greek yogurt, chia seeds, and honey. It was like eating dessert for breakfast, except it's actually really good for you! I couldn't have asked for a better start to the trip.

My cousin ordered the Tropical Sunrise, which had delicious bits of dried mango and shredded coconut. 

After our OatMeal's, my cousin headed to school and I decided to wander around SoHo for a couple hours before meeting with


, who I met off Instagram. Despite my initial convictions to NOT spend any money on clothing during this trip, I bought a top at Madewell within my first 30 minutes in SoHo. I definitely have a problem.

After fleeing the shops for fear of burning through my entire savings, I headed to

Happy Bones

, where Edward and I had agreed to meet. The shop was tiny, with white-washed brick walls and three tiny tables. Perfectly minimalistic and charming, this coffee spot is a New York treasure.

After 20 minutes of passive-aggressively looking over at people who had long-finished drinking their coffees and were just sitting there doing nothing, we finally got a table and chatted over Dough donuts (hibiscus and passionfruit-cacao nib) and lattes. This was one of the smoothest latte's I've ever had in my entire life.

Edward, his friends and I got to know each other over donuts and coffee (there's really no better way to get to know someone), then explored more of SoHo and checked out the New Museum. All I'm going to say is, you have to go to the Sky Deck. The view is absolutely unbelievable, and the lighting is to-die-for.

(...I'm realizing that so far it looks like all I'm doing on this trip is eating...)

After an hour-and-a-half wait, we finally got a table at

Jack's Wife Freda

(lunch at 3:00pm, anyone?). I got the poached eggs and halloumi, served with pesto, roasted tomato, and charred bread. I wish I could eat this every single day. I also want to steal all of their sugar packets, which are super adorable and have little messages on them.

By 4:00pm, my feet felt like they were going to fall off. One of my goals for this week is definitely to keep my outfit game one-hunned. But my feet. They are dying. Note to self: chunky-heeled boots that are a tad too small are bad all-day walking shoes.

After parting ways with Edward and his friends, I met up with my cousin again and we grabbed some light bites at


, then made a final stop at

Momofuku Milk Bar

for some cereal milk soft serve and crack pie (which is actually crack), before conking out at 11:00pm.

Basically, Day 1 was a huge success. Rallying for food and Instagram meet-ups is always a good idea.