Yes, I realize that it's already halfway through May.

Is it too late to give you some monthly inspo?

After a lull in creative inspiration (I've been saying this for months), I'm feeling a second wind. With summer on the horizon (I have three weeks of school left), I feel more determined than ever to get back into blogging and Instagramming with full force.

I hope I can emulate some of these awesome sources of inspo in the process.

Bring on the pins, architectural tours of awesome homes around LA, random art projects and unique jewelry. 

NYFW FALL RTW: florals

NYFW FALL RTW: florals

Another belated NYFW post...I think this is my last one, even though I gathered so many clippings of NYFW trends I wanted to collage/talk about.


You'll just have to look out for PFW posts instead. At least PFW was more recent, and posting about it would be less belated than posting about NYFW.

Remember that line in "The Devil Wears Prada?" : "Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking."*

Well, guess what? These florals, both printed and live, were featured on strappy heels, gauzy dresses, furry coats and whimsical crowns - all for FALL. So guess what, Miranda (Priestly). Florals. For Fall. Groundbreaking.



GUYS, I'm slacking. I'm sorry. It's the middle of the month and I'm just now posting a March mood board.

Month 3 vibes:

-slouchy/menswear-inspired silhouettes

-getaways (take a weekend to road trip somewhere! Do it in the name of mental spring cleaning)

-skincare skincare skincare (Summer is almost here for us in the Northern Hemisphere - let's prep our skin for those harsh rays of sun and make sure we keep our faces fresh and protected)



February - the month that has Valentine's Day in it. Yep. The month I've always spent accepting the fact that I'm alone and will spend the 14th like any other day, while other adorable couples go on cute dates and do whatever else cute couples do.

But you know what? Fuck it. A lot of the time, Valentine's Day is basically a day that makes every single person feel bad. Apparently some people even throw anti-Valentine's Day parties?

Valentine's Day is about love. While many of us hope to find that one person with whom we can completely be ourselves, it's also okay to be single. So let's spend Valentine's Day loving ourselves instead of feeling bad about the fact that we aren't cuddled up on the couch with a significant other, watching some rom com with a freshly-gifted bouquet of roses on the counter and a box of artisan chocolates in our laps. Who says you need someone else to do all of those things?

Treat yo self.

Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers. Seriously, it's amazing what some fresh blooms can do to brighten up your day. Go to your favorite cupcake shop and buy that red velvet cupcake you've been denying yourself in the name of New Years resolutions. Put on your favorite movie and buy yourself some lingere that makes you feel sexy. Order takeout from your favorite restaurant. Postmates is a beautiful thing, my friends.

Love yourself.