Remember the list I mentioned in my first post? The one with all the places I want to eat at. Yeah, MILK has been on that list for a solid 6 months, and I can finally proudly say that I am an extremely satisfied customer there!

Known for its gigantic macaron ice cream sandwiches, MILK offers a wide selection of baked goods, gourmet ice cream flavors, coffees and teas, and even lunch entrees. The store itself is pretty small, but really cute. Clear cases allow customers to gawk over the huge selection (which makes choosing just one item nearly impossible).

Unfortunately, I'm allergic to all types of nuts, including the almonds which are characteristically used in macaroon cookies. So I wasn't able to order a macaron ice cream sandwich, but I was just as happy to make my own milkshake! Yes. You can create your own milkshake, complete with two flavors of ice cream and whatever fillings your heart stomach desires. I ended up getting green tea and mint ice cream, plus chocolate chips. It was heavenly.

My friend Bridgette, who was lovely enough to drive us all around LA to shop at the Grove and get our dessert afterwards, couldn't decide between a watermelon macaron ice cream sandwich and the Shirley Temple float, so she just got both! I don't blame her.

This is happiness. This is why you should go to MILK.

I left MILK feeling very content and anticipating my return. I "forgot" to ask my family if they wanted me to bring anything back for them. I guess that just means I'll have to go back soon :)

All gone. Sadness :(

BONUS: a picture that represents LA.

Yes, that is an elderly man wearing a yamaca driving a scooter on the road.