SAN FRANCISCO - ghiradelli and garages

After two days of orientation at Berkeley, I was free to spend the rest of the week in San Francisco! This is actually my first time up here, so I was so excited to explore the area. Of course, we had to partake in as many tourist-y activities as possible! 

fruit cup for lunch

I need to start off by saying that I'm absolutely obsessed with this city for many reasons, but especially because of all the colored garages! As a fashion blogger, I'm always looking for cool backgrounds for my photos. In San Francsico, every single house/apartment/mural is the perfect place to shoot pictures, but I especially loved this black garage, pictured above.

[remember when I told you that I LOVE the color black?]

Don't worry though, I made sure to fit some color in with this super cute red garage door I spotted on Lombard Street. 

For those of you who don't know, Lombard street is a super cool street in San Francisco famous for its winding, floral path. The street is absolutely beautiful and overlooks the city below, providing a spectacular view.

my favorite house on Lombard St.

As if I hadn't spent enough time gawking at the amazing garages (read: "photo backgrounds") I found at every turn, on our way to Ghiradelli Square, I found the most beautiful ivy wall. I think I've actually seen a picture of this house on tumblr at some point...

Anyway, in this picture, I was standing in front of a 20-foot ivy wall. I was in heaven. 

My mom was not. I made her take pictures...the whole day...

Thanks, mom.

Enough about garages. Sorry. Here's a bit about what I'm wearing. I wanted to stay comfortable as always, so I threw on my black t-shirt dress and a vintage Levi's jacket I picked up in Berkeley. I also wore my Toms sunglasses and white converse as usual.

My sister wanted to be in the pictures. You can tell that our agendas weren't quite the same.

On our way to Ghiradelli Square, we encountered a beautiful park right by the water. Obviously, I became a 5-year-old again and decided to frolic/lay in the grass.

But we eventually made it to Ghiradelli and splurged on desserts despite the fact that it was already 6:30ish by this point. I'm sure eating dessert before dinner every once in a while won't kill you, despite your parents' repeated warnings against doing so since you were a baby.

my mom's espresso sundae. heavenly. absolutely heavenly.

All I have to say is, I'm thankful for all the hills I walked in San Francisco, because without them, I wouldn't have been able to eat all the food I consumed over the course of my trip. Amen.