BUCKET LISTS AND HAIR DYE - how i got my blue hair

Ever made a bucket list? I'm not going to lie...I used to be a pretty boring person (still not that exciting) but recently I've been making more of an effort to take (safe) risks and to challenge myself to live the most fulfilling, productive life I can live. Now I'm not going to say that making a bucket list has been the quick-fix reason why I stopped spending 4+ hours a day on tumblr, holed up in my room, but it definitely helped.

I love the concept of bucket lists because you can literally include everything from "meet more people" to "bungee jump off a bridge." It can be a way for you to keep track of the thrilling, adrenaline-pumping things you want to do, or a reminder to do the things that will keep you happy and healthy. Either way, your bucket list is all your own, and crossing off those items makes you feel incredible. 

So why do I keep babbling on about bucket lists? As you may have already guessed by now, one of my bucket list items was to dye my hair. Why not blue? I mean, go big or go home, ami'right?

Now before I give you a run-through of how I DIY'd my blue hair, here's a disclaimer: I am in no way a trained beautician and only used internet resources to navigate my way through this. That being said, I think I did a fine job and my hair isn't breaking off or falling out, so I think you'll be fine if you follow my instructions.

What you'll need:
- wear old clothes you wouldn't mind ruining
- 2 pairs latex gloves
- plastic hair coloring brush
- plastic or glass container/bowl (to mix bleach) - NOT METAL
- 1 packet hair bleach powder (I used Loreal Quick Blue)- 1 bottle (3-4 oz) developer (I used a level 40 because my hair is dark brown. The lighter your hair, the lower level your developer should be. Ask the employees at your local beauty supply store to help you with this if you're not sure)
- Manic Panic Hair Dye (I used the "Atlantic Blue" color)
- white vinegar

Make sure your hair is completely dry. Put a pair of gloves on. Using the plastic brush, mix together the bleach powder and enough developer in the plastic container until the mixture is smooth and creamy. 

Separate your hair into two sections, one on either side of your face. Pin up one side -- you'll start with the remaining side, which should be separated into two horizontal sections, and then multiple vertical sections within those two horizontal sections. I know this sectioning off sounds complicated, but the whole point of it is so that you apply your bleach evenly and don't end up with random chunks of unbleached hair. 

Using the plastic brush, brush the bleach through onto the bottom half of your hair, evenly coating the strands. Wait 10 minutes and check your hair to see how developed it is. If the bleached part is not blonde yet, wait another 5 minutes. 

(The already dyed section is from the strand test I did the day before)

Keep checking your hair every 5 minutes or so, until it is blonde (I waited until mine was a darker blonde - almost orangey. It doesn't have to be white-blonde). Mine took about 35-40 minutes to develop.

When your hair has developed enough, wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo, then condition. Drain any remaining bleach mixture in the sink, and wash the container and brush.

Make sure your hair is completely dry. Put on the remaining pair of gloves. Separate your hair into sections, the same way you did to bleach it. Add about half of the Manic Panic hair dye into the same container you used for the bleach (the container should be clean now). 

Using the same plastic brush, brush generous amounts of the dye onto the bleached parts of your hair. Brush it on somewhat vigorously, until the dye appears foamy - this will help the color stay more vibrant. (It's fine if the dye gets on the non-bleached parts, too. That way, the look will be less rigid - you don't want your hair to be exactly half-dyed, half-natural.)

Leave the dye in for about 30 minutes, then apply more dye (you can do this part more haphazardly), again, brushing until foamy. After applying the additional dye, you can use a hair dryer to heat your hair and get a more vibrant result (I didn't do this, and it still turned out great).

After you've left the dye in for about an hour, rinse your hair over a bathtub or a large sink, first with vinegar, then with COLD water. Do not use shampoo or conditioner. Rinse your hair until the water runs a light shade of blue, then squeeze out as much of the water as possible and put your hair in a bun and leave it tied up until it's completely dry. 

my bathtub post-rinse

Once your hair is dry, straighten it to retain the vibrant color. And that's it - you're done!

If, after you shampoo your hair for the first time after dyeing it, and you find that the color is too light, you can apply more dye (repeat step 2). However, be aware that this type of dye does fade with every wash.

This dye is semi-permanent, so make sure to take these steps to retain the color for as long as possible:

- always wash your hair with COLD water
- if possible, use a color-safe conditioner, and only wash your hair every other day

And as always, take care of your hair! Bleach damages your hair, so treat yourself to a deep-conditioning hair mask or similar treatment every once in a while.

Changing up your hair every once in a while is a really fun way to switch up your look. I hope you guys enjoy your results :)

What else is on your bucket list?