Like much of the human population, I love Netflix. Maybe a little too much at times. There are days when, one moment, I'm eating breakfast while starting an episode of "Mad Men," or "How to Get Away with Murder," and the next thing I know, it's 2am and I'm two seasons ahead from when I started watching that day.

Sometimes it's a good idea to take a break, so here are some of my favorite (non-Netflix series) videos at the moment.

This collaboration between Alexa Chung and British Vogue takes a deeper look at aspects and people of the fashion industry that often go unnoticed. This is the video series you'll want to show to your friends and family who claim fashion is solely materialistic, superficial and pointless.

I came across this second video via RUSSH mag's website (


). The work, entitled "Nimbus," features jewelry by designers

Sarah & Sebastian

and explores concepts of "painted light and mythical motifs." It's ethereal, intriguing, and stunningly beautiful.

Now this video...I can't even begin to describe how incredible it is. The excerpt from "Il Capo" by Italian film maker and video artist Yuri Ancarani depicts "The Chief" ("Il Capo") guiding his men through the marble extraction process in a marble quarry in the Apuan Apls in Northwest Italy. There's something hauntingly gorgeous about the massive chunks of marble breaking from the otherworldly white and grey landscape, which contrasts beautifully with The Chief's gestures and enormous machinery.

Other documentaries on my must-see list include:

"Dior and I"

"The Trust Cost"

"Bill Cunningham New York"

The latter two of these titles are actually on Netflix, so I feel like that goes against the whole title I've come up with for this post...but we're going to overlook that bit.