November Mood Board

In my eyes, November is the last hurdle I have to get over before the holidays. I'm not a huge Halloween person. Thanksgiving is alright. October and November are just...meh. That being said, here's a mood board to inspire your November - the month we all set aside to shovel ungodly quantities of turkey and pumpkin spice everything into our mouths.

I'm thinking cool outerwear. I love a good camel coat, but why not opt for a green velvet embroidered bomber instead? And while we're on the topic of velvet, I've also been contemplating velvet footwear. Perhaps a chunky heeled bootie. But neutral New Balances are a necessity, too.

And what about that hand cream? Nothing worse than crusty hands...keep them moisturized, people!

Knitwear. Obviously. Preferably, of the extreme turtleneck variety.

And makeup-wise, let's venture out a bit. I love a good cateye. I really do. But what if we switch out those black super sharp wings for a copper-y lid every once in a while? A swipe along the top lash line, and a horizontal line across the middle of the eyelid. So freakin cool.