Mood Board: December


We're done with the obstacles known as Halloween and Thanksgiving, and are now in December, aka Christmas month!!! I'm not religious, and it's not that I love Christmas because of the presents or anything. It's more about that warm and fuzzy feeling I get when I start seeing string lights adorning all the houses in the neighborhood, and when shops change their display windows out to feature pine trees, gift boxes, and everything else we've come to associate with the holiday.

For December, I'm feelin glitter. And light pink. Slick hair and natural beauty. There's no need to pile on layers of makeup when you're also bundling yourself up with all that outerwear...not that I'm really doing much layering, seeing as I'm in LA where the coldest it gets is the low 50's, but I still stand by my statement.

Now all I need is a boo to have holiday movie marathons and cuddle with while we guzzle hot chocolate.