February - the month that has Valentine's Day in it. Yep. The month I've always spent accepting the fact that I'm alone and will spend the 14th like any other day, while other adorable couples go on cute dates and do whatever else cute couples do.

But you know what? Fuck it. A lot of the time, Valentine's Day is basically a day that makes every single person feel bad. Apparently some people even throw anti-Valentine's Day parties?

Valentine's Day is about love. While many of us hope to find that one person with whom we can completely be ourselves, it's also okay to be single. So let's spend Valentine's Day loving ourselves instead of feeling bad about the fact that we aren't cuddled up on the couch with a significant other, watching some rom com with a freshly-gifted bouquet of roses on the counter and a box of artisan chocolates in our laps. Who says you need someone else to do all of those things?

Treat yo self.

Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers. Seriously, it's amazing what some fresh blooms can do to brighten up your day. Go to your favorite cupcake shop and buy that red velvet cupcake you've been denying yourself in the name of New Years resolutions. Put on your favorite movie and buy yourself some lingere that makes you feel sexy. Order takeout from your favorite restaurant. Postmates is a beautiful thing, my friends.

Love yourself. 


Mood Board: December


We're done with the obstacles known as Halloween and Thanksgiving, and are now in December, aka Christmas month!!! I'm not religious, and it's not that I love Christmas because of the presents or anything. It's more about that warm and fuzzy feeling I get when I start seeing string lights adorning all the houses in the neighborhood, and when shops change their display windows out to feature pine trees, gift boxes, and everything else we've come to associate with the holiday.

For December, I'm feelin glitter. And light pink. Slick hair and natural beauty. There's no need to pile on layers of makeup when you're also bundling yourself up with all that outerwear...not that I'm really doing much layering, seeing as I'm in LA where the coldest it gets is the low 50's, but I still stand by my statement.

Now all I need is a boo to have holiday movie marathons and cuddle with while we guzzle hot chocolate. 


November Mood Board

In my eyes, November is the last hurdle I have to get over before the holidays. I'm not a huge Halloween person. Thanksgiving is alright. October and November are just...meh. That being said, here's a mood board to inspire your November - the month we all set aside to shovel ungodly quantities of turkey and pumpkin spice everything into our mouths.

I'm thinking cool outerwear. I love a good camel coat, but why not opt for a green velvet embroidered bomber instead? And while we're on the topic of velvet, I've also been contemplating velvet footwear. Perhaps a chunky heeled bootie. But neutral New Balances are a necessity, too.

And what about that hand cream? Nothing worse than crusty hands...keep them moisturized, people!

Knitwear. Obviously. Preferably, of the extreme turtleneck variety.

And makeup-wise, let's venture out a bit. I love a good cateye. I really do. But what if we switch out those black super sharp wings for a copper-y lid every once in a while? A swipe along the top lash line, and a horizontal line across the middle of the eyelid. So freakin cool.


October Mood Board

October Mood Board



I've decided to start creating mood boards. Not that my Pinterest account isn't enough of a mood board (and an insanely organized one, at that), but I thought it would be fun to create collage-y mood boards to draw inspiration from each month.

October (especially in LA), is an awkward month. While other North American states are experiencing cold weather,


temperatures are somehow still in the high 80's an 90's. No, seriously. It's going to be 99 degrees this weekend. IT'S ALMOST MID-OCTOBER, FOR CHRIST'S SAKES!!

As I was saying, October is an awkward month. It's hot, but magazines and stores are featuring beautiful knits, coats, boots, and holiday shopping deals...

This mood board is a celebration of what Fall in sunny Los Angeles means - palm trees and "cheat" cold weather wear. As much as I would love to wear a leather jacket right now, doing so would probably end with me dying of heat stroke, so I might opt for something like a leather bralette instead - it's "Fall," but with a summery twist. Are you catching my drift?

More things I'm inspired by this October:

-unique eye makeup - a swipe of dark green eyeliner in the crease of your eyelid. It's unique, without being too crazy.

-oversized structured silhouettes

-neutral color-blocked kicks